Are you still sleeping on hot, sticky sheets?

Hey hot sleepers, imagine going to bed each night and experiencing a cool, calming sensation from your sheets. No more sticky sheets or overheating.

Can’t sleep? It might be your sheets

For hot sleepers, traditional sheets just don't cut it.

Have you ever felt like your cotton and polyester sheets are holding onto heat and moisture, turning your bed into a sauna?

That’s not just your imagination—they really do, making those humid nights even more uncomfortable.

Warm weather + heat-trapping sheets = Nightmares

Living in a warm and humid area is tough enough, and sticky sheets that trap heat only make it worse.

Scratchy fabric is not gentle on sensitive skin

Scratchy, chemically treated fabrics can really bug sensitive skin, turning what should be a cozy bed into a source of discomfort.

Why you’ll love these sheets
Sleeper Hit

What customers are saying

“Softest and coolest sheets..”

“Softess and coolest sheets ever! And the price point was great 👍”

Sonya P. on TENCEL Duvet Cover Set
“The material is super soft..”

“The material is super soft and quality is so good, i will buy again !”

Yock Chuen S. on TENCEL Duvet Cover Set

“Smooth to the touch, light-weight, and cooling. I didn't know I needed this in my life until now. 10/10 would recommend. ”

Alessandra S. on Essential Bundle Set
“Worth the purchase”

“Softest sheets ever!”

“Best Quality”

“Love the super super soft and smooth texture made from 100% Tencel Lyocel Fibers. Cooling and temperature regulating for quality night sleep everyday.. life changing💫”

“Super cooling”

“Super cooling.”

“I love it”

“The bedsheet was very soft and cooling. I will order again.”

“Cooling bedsheet. Great service!”

“Item is cooling and smooth. The service was prompt!”

“Soft & cooling”

“Item received with good and nice packaging. It’s really soft cooling and comfortable.”

“Soft & cooling material!”

“Very soft & cooling material. Definitely buy more :)”

Tencel lyocell

Find your cooling bedsheet

Don’t settle for hot sticky sheets. Ready to refresh your bedding?

*Limited stock available for the best-selling colors & sets.

Is this right for you?

We Are Cozzy cooling bedsheet is ideal for you if:

You are a hot sleeper
You live in a warm climate
You have night sweats
You want to minimize allergens

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Cooling Bedsheet

Feel the difference every night

Luxurious feel
Experience our silky smooth sheets—gentle on your skin, luxurious to sleep in.
Stay cool
Our sheets regulate temperature, making your nights more comfortable.
Sleep fresh
Our sheets naturally minimize bacteria & allergens, enhancing sleep hygiene.

Your Questions, Answered

Does your bedsheet fit my mattress?

All our sheets can fit mattresses up to 40cm deep. Our fitted sheet sets are available in the following sizes:

Single: 90cm x 200cm x 40cm

Super Single: 107cm x 200cm x 40cm

Queen: 152cm 200cm x 40cm

King: 183cm x 200cm x 40cm

View our full size chart.

Do TENCEL™ sheets wrinkle?

Yes, they do, and it's a positive indication for your skin!

Only fabrics that have been treated with formaldehyde or resin can provide a wrinkle-resistant effect. However, formaldehyde can cause irritation for sensitive skin. It is released when these fabrics are washed and is harmful to the environment. Therefore, we do not treat our TENCEL™ sheets with any form of resin, including formaldehyde.

If you want to maintain your sheets as wrinkle-free as possible, we suggest removing them promptly after washing and allowing them to air dry on a line. Use a low heat setting on an iron if needed.

Do you provide gift-wrapping service?

Yes, all our packaging is gift-friendly. Many of our customers have gifted our sheets to their loved ones!

If you would like to include a gift note, simply mention it in your order note, and we will add your gift note when preparing your order at no additional cost.