Our Story

Why I started We Are Cozzy

Some years ago, I started experiencing heat allergy out of the blue. I would suddenly break out in hives when my body feels warm. I was in denial at first, thinking it was just a temporary condition. However, it recurred enough times to make me realize that this is something I will have to learn to adapt to and live with.

I started to do my own research on different types of fabric. If it’s not breathable enough for Singapore’s hot & humid weather, it will trigger my heat allergy and I will break out in hives all over my body.

“That’s when I started to pay more attention to the fabric I was using in my day-to-day life.”

Why sustainably made fabric matters

After trying & testing multiple types of fabric over the years, there is no question for me that TENCEL™ lyocell is the most breathable & softest fabric I’ve ever used. While there are some blends of polyester commonly used in sportswear that also tend to be breathable & dries quickly, the idea of wrapping myself in a fabric 100% made of plastic for up to 8 hours a day upsets me.

“I want less plastics in my life, not more!”

Thoughtful packaging

We made deliberate decisions with our packaging to strip out wasteful elements as much as we could, while making sure the sheets arrive to our customers in a great shape.

All our sheets come in biodegradable TENCEL™ fabric bags which can be used to put away the sheets neatly after washing.

Adulting & moving into a new apartment

When I bought my first apartment and was going through that journey of furnishing my bedroom with high quality essentials that meet the needs of my skin condition, I was disappointed with the available options & experience. Dated designs, plastic-based sheets and so many myths around what makes a good bed linen.

To me, a big part of adulting is learning how to take better care of ourselves and our environment.

On average, we spend one-third of our lives sleeping. Good sleep is essential to our well-being.

I started We Are Cozzy to make it easier for home owners & apartment dwellers to fill their spaces with thoughtfully & sustainably made high quality sleep essentials that actually work for our tropical climate.

Leveling up my bed sheet quality has improved my sleep quality significantly. It is one of the most breathable & sustainable fabrics out there, making it perfect for hot sleepers and warm nights.

Sincerely and happy adulting,